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Menschen lernst du kennen, um sie zu lieben, Jesus liebst du, um Ihn kennenzulernen.

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#33 PING an Elsa – 10 reasons to wear my Chapel Veil !

Von Fulda kann man beschwingt zurückkehren, nicht nur das hat uns Elsa verraten. Sie trug auch ihre Mantilla – Chapel Veil – und fühlte sich etwas allein auf weiter (Kirchen-) Flur …und befindet sich doch in bester Gesellschaft, wie die nachfolgende internationale Bilderrundschau beweist.

Doch zuvor …

…10 Good Reasons to convince myself to get a mantilla or Chapel Veil:

1. if I’m having a bad hair day … no problem, no one will see it.
2. I can have a good cry if I feel like it.
3. the last time I wore one was at my First Holy Communion decades ago.
4. it must be like the equivalent of a monk’s hood, it’s protective, it will feel snug and safe.
5. I think if I am shielded by a veil, nothing can get in except for Him.
6. It’s more respectful towards Him to be dressed modestly ~ even though the mantilla is eye-catching it’s still a camouflage.
7. It’s bridal-like, and royal/princess-like. If I’m meeting my King in intimate union I should dress appropriately. [NB Jackie O is also wearing white mantillas ~ that used to be called the privilege du blanc, reserved only for queens, brides and girls taking First Holy Communion, but I think nowadays either black or white is acceptable.]
8. It’s become tradition for women to wear a mantilla when being received in private audience with the Pope. Why would it be any different with Jesus?
9. It’s uniquely Catholic.
10. It’s uniquely feminine.

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